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What a catch, Donnie.

"Markislav Petrov," an East and South East Asian cultural enthusiast.
Join me on a pictorial journey of the places I'd rather be and things I'd rather be doing.

My favourite things include:
foreign culture, history, architecture and languages,
The Simpsons, Jake and Amir, NCIS,
2NE1, A Day To Remember, The Killers, BIGBANG, Fall Out Boy,
Get This with Tony Martin, Ed Kavalee and Richard Marsland
and any movie starring Jason Statham.

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by Sarah Carlin Photography


Potato Skins

Brent Hofacker Photography

Oh my. I suddenly want to go out and buy potatoes. And bacon bites. And sour cream. And cheese …


how many chainz could 2 chainz chain if 2 chainz could chain chainz